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The Law of Entropy: Applied to Real Life

The law of entropy is a concept within science that can be calculated as the rate at which the orderliness of the natural world is likely to devolve into chaos. It can be likened to the way a tidy room so easily becomes messy. It is the way we explain why not all results follow the anticipated outcome of an action; if we prepare the usual amount of food that would feed 12 people at a dinner party, sometimes we have leftovers, and sometimes we run out.

When this law is applied to the daily experiences of people with one another, what emerges is this: Relationships require work to maintain them. Careers require effort and investment to stay on track. Children need reminders of what constitutes good behavior.

Because entropy is a natural part of what it means to be human in a human society, it is possible to recognize that it is not your fault when things feel like they are falling apart. The world can fall apart all by itself; it doesn't need your help. But what the world needs, consistently, are creators, energizers, and builders.

To be a creator or an energizer or a builder, the number one thing you need is energy. Science has taught us that energy cannot be created, it can only be converted. There is potential energy, and kinetic energy. People who come to me feeling depressed will say that they feel like they have no energy, but by the time they have completed their therapy they have energy. This is not because the energy was created, but because they applied work to convert their potential energy - the energy tied up in the negative experiences, memories, and thoughts of their life - to kinetic energy.

If you are seeking a way to build some kinetic energy of your own, or to direct the kinetic energy you already have, contact me, and together we can find order in your chaos.

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